Product Inspection Service

Being a key element of quality control, Product Inspections allow you to verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process and prior to its dispatch. Inspecting your product before it leaves the manufacturer’s premises is an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions further down the line.

Redhot Officer check your product against your chosen specifications to meet a range of requirements including passing international standards of your destination market. With the use of inspection checklists that you can select online and tailor to your needs, your quality control process can be standardized, and key quality concerns communicated to all parties involved in the inspection.

Redhot product inspections can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process of supplier Located in any part of India. We are here to do Product inspection , Factory Audit , Pre-shipment check and would also cater if any specific customized requirement related to inspection. We specialize in Inspection of Leather goods , Raw & ready made Garments , Shoes , Bags ,Handicraft Item , Travel accessories, fashion & other Lifestyle goods .

Basic Inspection Service

In Basic inspection service ,we visit the supplier factory ,take photos of production unit , take product photo ,share live video of factory (Optional) .Normally customer opt for basic inspection service just to verify that in real the manufacturing units exists and have capability to produce goods or Ready Product Pre-Shipment Quality & Quantity check .For further details ,Please write mail to Inspection@redhotexports.com .


Why Get a Product Inspection while Importing ?

Ensure product quality at every production stage of your product.
Verify quality at the source and don’t pay for defective goods
Avoid recalls and reputational damage
Estimate production and shipment delays
Optimize your Product quality control budget

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